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What to do immediately after a car accident

Car accidents may be frightening and nerve-wracking. After an accident, you may suffer from disorientation and even guilt.

It is important to know exactly what to do after an accident so you have everything you need if there is a problem.

Check for injury and see a doctor

If you appear uninjured, check your passengers and the people in the other vehicle. Sometimes injuries do not show up right away. Even if you do not think you are suffering from an injury, see a doctor to be sure.

Contact the police

Some damage appears minor, but in reality is not. The authorities will write an accident report detailing the damage. This is proof if the case has to go to court.

Take pictures of all the damage

You need to take pictures of everything, including:

  • Your injuries or bruising

  • Both vehicles

  • The location

  • Any marks on the road

Essentially you need to photograph anything that might seem relevant.

Obtain information from everyone

Get all the information from everyone in the accident or who witnesses the accident. You need names, phone numbers, insurance information, license plates and addresses.

Report the accident

As soon as possible, report the accident to your insurance company. They may provide a list of things they need to start your claim.

Speak with a lawyer

Even if you do not plan on going to court, it is important to contact a reputable lawyer. They can help you understand the legal process you need to take after an accident.

There are over 150,000 accidents in Kentucky each year. It is important to drive safely and remember that sometimes accidents do happen.


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