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Your Experienced Case Managers

The Case Managers at Mory & Colliersmith are the best of the best. With a combined customer service experience of over 30 years, our case managers understand the firm's top priority of keeping our clients first. They work with our injured clients and family to help determine their needs and are dedicated to helping all clients throughout Kentucky seek the best possible care after serious accidents or injuries. 

Mory & Colliersmith Case Managers in a meeting discussing how to best care for our injured clients.

Tana Jewell


Tana has been with Mory & Colliersmith since the beginning. She knows the ends and out of every case. Tana works quickly and efficiently to assist all the attorneys and staff to continuously move our personal injury cases forward. She is the resident IT specialist, office manager and anything else that needs to be done. 

Tana started working as soon as the law allowed her to, demonstrating a strong work ethic that has only grown over the years. She brings with her almost 30 years of management and customer service experience and it shows in her work.

Tana has always called Louisville home. She prides herself on her tight-knit family where her granddaughter and her animals run the show. 

Tana Jewell, Case Manger at Mory & Colliersmith, PLLC. Louisville's best Personal Injury Firm
Tana Jewell
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