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What to Do after a Car Accident in Kentucky

My wife and I were driving back from a family vacation. We were a few hours into our nine hour car ride when we came upon bumper to bumper traffic from a very tragic crash. If you’ve ever been on a long car ride you have definitely seen an accident. Unfortunately, they happen all the time. This is why you should know exactly what to do if you and your family are involved in a crash no matter where you are.

Usually making an auto insurance claim is the same no matter where you are. However, there are some issues that could arise if you are injured out of state. It could become more complicated and you could benefit by hiring a car wreck attorney to help you with your case.

Since different states have different laws, your local attorney may not be able to represent you in another state. It is always best to consult with your local attorney first before googling to find another attorney.

Please read this guide that will outline the steps you should take after a car collision.

Collision just happened. What Should I do?

  1. Obtain the other driver’s contact details and their car insurance information, including insurance carrier and policy number.

  2. Call emergency services. Do not admit anything.

  3. Make sure you get a police report.

  4. Seek medical care for injuries. If the wreck occurred in a different state and you need emergency care, go to the nearest hospital. It is also advised to follow up with your family doctor when you return home.

  5. Contact your local car wreck lawyer to begin the process of filing your car wreck claim and/or lawsuit.

In many cases, the other person and/or their insurance company will do everything in their power to minimize the amount of money you receive for both repairs to your car and your injuries so it’s best to have an experienced advocate.

Your attorney’s goal will be to determine the full costs associated with your injuries and other damages, and then seek full compensation from the responsible parties.

A great car wreck attorney will partner with you and your family members to work toward a successful outcome during this confusing, difficult time.

A personal injury law firm with experienced car wreck attorneys, like Mory & Colliersmith, will help guide you through every step of this process.

Contact us today for your FREE case evaluation!


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