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A slip-and-fall accident is naturally upsetting and painful, and it can also develop into a significant life crisis. After you have gotten emergency medical treatments, long-term physical and emotional hardships may follow, along with financial losses and expenses. Your medical incident can then become a serious legal issue as the full costs take their toll. Your health care providers will no doubt do what they can to promote your healing after an accident on dangerous premises. To give yourself the best chance of recovering fully, you should also have legal counsel to ensure your financial recovery.

At Mory & Colliersmith, PLLC, in Louisville, Kentucky, our premises liability attorneys are available to evaluate your case. Our goal will be to help you put your life back together with the resources you need to get better and overcome your losses.

How Our Lawyers Can Help Your Recovery Along

After your slip-and-fall accident, dog bite injury or any injury-causing incident on someone else’s property, we can put our skills to work for you to pursue compensation on your behalf. Medical expenses are the first hurdle on the way to financial recovery for most people who have been seriously injured. A slip-and-fall injury may be a broken bone, a slipped disk or a head injury. Our litigation team will focus on getting you the help you need to reduce the chances of long-term disabilities or chronic pain.

Compensation for lost wages, along with pain and suffering, are the other components of a premises liability claim. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience helping injured people get to the other side of an accidental injury. Your premises liability claim can help you uncover resources such as the property owner’s homeowners insurance policy benefits.

No matter what type of accident caused your injuries, our rightsized law firm can be your valuable source of information and support. With capable assistance from our legal team, our attorneys will conduct thorough investigations and legal research to help you maximize your recovery. This may mean showing the property owner’s insurance company, or perhaps your own, that we are ready for trial if necessary. This approach often helps us obtain the compensation that our clients need and deserve.

Compensation For People Injured In Bars And Other Venues Serving Alcohol

Any establishment that serves alcohol is legally considered a dram shop, referring to how alcohol was once sold in the dram (equal to 1.5 ounces). These establishments are subject to dram shop laws, which hold businesses serving alcohol liable for injuries or damage caused by people that the establishment should have known were intoxicated. Dram shop laws also hold establishments liable for serving anyone under the legal drinking age.

Proving liability in a dram shop case is often difficult. The law requires evidence that relies on eyewitness testimony, proof of intoxication and proof that the injured party was overserved. At Mory & Colliersmith, PLLC, we have extensive experience in dram shop liquor liability cases. If you were injured as a result of you or another patron being overserved, contact us today.

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In addition to slip-and-fall injury cases, we handle other premises liability claims. Were you burned in an explosion, caught up in an act of violence in a parking garage or exposed to toxic chemicals in an industrial setting? Take advantage of our offer of a free consultation and learn how we can help right away.

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